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Obscure HTML
Some lesser-known (and perhaps useful) HTML tags
? Charles Babbage
From the December 1864 Harper's New Monthly Magazine.
? The Active-X Room Light Control API
? On Games
? On Art
? Object English
? Executive Recreation
When speed, ease, and winning are the prime objective.
? The Owl and the Pussycat
A poem by Edward Lear.
? Shave and a Buzzcut
Two Bits
? Forecast
An early vision of computational weather forecasting.
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Virtue is its own award.
? In Kansas City, October 1984
A Grateful Nation is Saved from Hexatron
? Bounce into the Future!
? Rudy
A dung-fling-fest.
? Netscape Java Gif Display Issue
? Gallery of Invisible Art
Unseen but not untitled.
— Free Software —
gif2bmp bmp2gif dither
gif2bmp Convert Compuserve .gif to Microsoft Windows .bmp bmp2gif Convert Microsoft Windows .bmp to Compuserve .gif dither Floyd-Steinberg dither 24-bit Windows .bmp to 8- or 4-bit .bmp For more information see description/options
stactrac implements a stack trace in a try-catch of Microsoft Win32 using the StackWalk function. Uses a map file to get function names of the trace when the executable has no debug information. The sample program crashes several levels deep.
multipad is an old (1992) Microsoft Windows sample code, demonstrating MDI (Multiple Document Interface)--it is an MDI version of MSWindows notepad. The readme file in the archive is called 'abstract'. This version is ported to 32-bit windows (the original was for Windows 3.1). The copyright is Microsoft's--you may use the code for any purpose, provided you don't blame Microsoft and don't blame me.
Rogue java applet source with save/restore
modeless Microsoft C (32bit) Windows modeless dialog application with control subclassing.
dll32 Microsoft C Windows DLL skeleton
Rogue MSWindows executable
jfrost A Java source file obfuscator
tab A modeless dialog box containing a tab control with several little dialogs in it.
jfrost A Java source file obfuscator
WIN32 Multiple Language Application This is a generic Win32 application (called generic) that can be run in three languages generic.exe 1 is French generic.exe 2 is English generic.exe 3 is Greek The language can also be changed from the menu. The file GENERIC.RC is Unicode, and care should be taken when editing it. Windows WordPad (write.exe) works well. The translations were done by Babelfish and are probably not trustworthy.
stactrac C++ source
modeless Microsoft C (32bit) Windows modeless dialog application with control subclassing.