A Grateful Nation is Saved from Hexatron

The time:18 October 1984 Evening
The place:The Crown Center Hotel
Crown Center
Kansas City Missouri
The Lobby Bar

The Attack

Hexatron, a guest at the hotel, is waiting for an associate. They are in Kansas City to discuss business with Hallmark Cards.
He has a drink and does some sketches of some men at a table.
He leaves.


In two days, President Ronald Reagan will arrive at this very hotel. He is campaigning for re-election, and will debate the Democrat candidate.
speech before a cheering crowd is planned and even now banners are being painted in the hotel parking lot.

The Clue

Hexatron signed the bill for his drink.


The next morning, as hexatron and his associates are leaving the hotel to go to Hallmark Cards, a short man in a suit approaches hexatron and addresses him by name. The man identifies himself as a secret service agent, showing a small gold badge.
Hexatron is then asked if he has ever been questioned by the secret service.
Hexatron says he has not.
The agent then asks if hexatron was sketching in the hotel bar last night.
Hexatron confesses.
The agent then asks hexatron to re-enter the hotel and be interviewed.

The agent and hexatron sit in the hotel lobby. The agent asks to see the sketches, and examines the sketchbook. Hexatron realizes that this is serious business, and is totally cooperative. He is careful to never answer "To impress Jodie Foster." The entire interview takes about twenty minutes. It's contents have been forgotten. Perhaps a report is available through the freedom of information act. Perhaps not. Hexatron does not care.

The Evidence

Here are the sketches


The interview concludes, and hexatron rejoins his group, who have been waiting in the hotel entrance. They are bemused, but go about their business.
They leave Kansas City the next day, before the president arrives.
The nation is saved.
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