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— Java Games —
. Java Rogue
The venerable game of Rogue. Where it's @!
. Psychic Trainer
Develop your ability to read your computer's mind. Perhaps.
. Xwap
Xwap'em and lines of three get flushed.
. Hex Mine
A hexagonal version of the game of clearing mines.
. Xoki
Remove them all and win Big. Nothing.
. Hex Rogue 2014!
Hex Rogue?Hex Rogue!
. Roxie
They pile up. They fall down. More fun than a job on an assembly-line.
. Tetrod
A puzzle for the dominotrix
. Iago
A game like Reversi that is not like Reversi
. Linda's Makeover
Make a new friend and have fun too!
. Mondriarea
Capture area at the dernier cri of l'art moderne.
. Help the Artist
He has had an accident.He needs your help.
. Surprise Coloring Book
Can you color in the lines when there are no lines?
. Operation Steel Doyle
Mines are so last-century
— Java Images —
. Cellular Automata
Life on the sixfold path.
. Griddle
Lines form boxes without stopses
. Lichen
Multicolored tendrils compose a lichenous image.
. Jiggle Paint
Nervous Action Painting.
. Rock Tour
See the rocks
. The Museum Calculator
A triumph of style.
. Rain
Drops add softly into an evolving pattern.
. Zap Paint
The paint program that accepts suggestions, not orders.
. Wurler
Unfold an arabesque of folded circles.
. ZapZapZap
Lightning evolves into softness.
. Albersmatic
Colors and dollars.
. Bacterial Navigation
Hungry microbe simulation.
— Collections —
. Galerie Giclee
An enormous exhibition of Art; a place of many themes and many variations.
. Origami Panda
The cutest origami of them all.
. Free Software
Assorted pieces of C source code, and executables.
. Many Mandalas
For believers only.
. Palm Sketchbook
In black and white.
. Topsell Animal Woodcuts
Assorted illustrations from Edward Topsell's The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents, 1658.
. Index Cards
Wimzees. Many more added 2008-06-05