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Hexatron is a source of original computer art and original computer games.
You can look at the art and play the games.
You can play the art and look at the games.

Java Games
Linda's Makeover
Make a new friend and have fun too!
Hex Mine
A hexagonal version of the game of clearing mines.
Psychic Trainer
Develop your ability to read your computer's mind. Perhaps.
A game like Reversi that is not like Reversi
Java Rogue
The venerable game of Rogue. Where it's @!
Hex Rogue
Hex Rogue?Hex Rogue!
Help the Artist
He has had an accident.He needs your help.
They pile up. They fall down. More fun than a job on an assembly-line.
Capture area at the dernier cri of l'art moderne.
Surprise Coloring Book
Can you color in the lines when there are no lines?
Remove them all and win Big. Nothing.
Xwap'em and lines of three get flushed.
A puzzle for the dominotrix
Operation Steel Doyle
Mines are so last-century
Galerie Giclee
An enormous exhibition of Art; a place of many themes and many variations.
Many Mandalas
For believers only.
Palm Sketchbook
In black and white.
Origami Panda
The cutest origami of them all.
Java Images
Rock Tour
See the rocks
Lines form boxes without stopses
Cellular Automata
Life on the sixfold path.
Zap Paint
The paint program that accepts suggestions, not orders.
Multicolored tendrils compose a lichenous image.
Drops add softly into an evolving pattern.
Unfold an arabesque of folded circles.
The Museum Calculator
A triumph of style.
Lightning evolves into softness.
Jiggle Paint
Nervous Action Painting.
Colors and dollars.
Bacterial Navigation
Hungry microbe simulation.
Endless Wisdom
New Revised Manifesto
Bush Speak
Normative Dynamism...
Omnimatachron Design and Implementation
Artist's Statement
Lets Make Sense About Crime
Daily Old Testament Reading
Daily New Testament Reading
Bedtime Story
A Hearty Breakfast
Dimensions in Understanding
Ya know what?
Reculturing Notes Definition
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