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Hex Mine

This is how the game looks. You need Java to play it here.
(game in progress)

Can you locate the mines without blowing up any? Here are those evil old mines again. But now they are hiding under hexagons, so you will be bug-eyed with excitement!

Here is how to play:
Click on a tile to remove it. If the tile was mined, you lose. If the tile was not mined, you can tell how many tiles neighboring it are mined by the design on it:

1=Green 2=Blue 3=Red 4=Cyan 5=Star 6=Black

When you remove a tile with no mined neighbors, all the neighboring tiles are automatically removed too.

To win, remove all the unmined tiles. The left counter shows how many unmined tiles remain. The right counter is a timer--it tells many seconds the current game has taken.

You can start a new game any time by pressing the lone tile above the puzzle.

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