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If there is no makefile, the compiler input is on the second line of the file
Use it. Abuse it. But do not sell it.

mftp.zip [16K bytes] C source files.
mftp.exe [127K bytes] Win32 executable.
mftp is a FTP command-line client. The Microsoft ftp.exe does not do passive transfers. mftp does.
The source code compiles on Windows or GNU/Unix.
The C source files
WIN32 Multiple Language Application
mlang.zip [15K bytes] .C .H and .RC source files, and .EXE.
This is a generic Win32 application (called generic) that can be run in three languages
The language can also be changed from the menu.
The file GENERIC.RC is Unicode, and care should be taken when editing it. Windows WordPad (write.exe) works well.
The translations were done by Babelfish and are probably not trustworthy.
The source files
WIN32 multipad
multi32.zip [51K bytes] C and .RC source files, and .EXE.
multipad is an old (1992) Microsoft Windows sample code, demonstrating MDI (Multiple Document Interface)--it is an MDI version of MSWindows notepad.
The readme file in the archive is called 'abstract'.
This version is ported to 32-bit windows (the original was for Windows 3.1). The copyright is Microsoft's--you may use the code for any purpose, provided you don't blame Microsoft and don't blame me.
WIN32 stack trace
stactrac.zip [25K bytes] C++ source and executable files.
stacktrace.cpp [9K bytes] C++ source.
Implement a stack trace in a try-catch of Microsoft Win32 using the StackWalk function. Uses a map file to get function names of the trace when the executable has no debug information. The sample program crashes several levels deep.
gif2bmp bmp2gif dither
hexgifc.zip [19K bytes] C source files.
hexgife.zip [66K bytes] Win32 executable files.
gif2bmp Convert Compuserve .gif to Microsoft Windows .bmp
bmp2gif Convert Microsoft Windows .bmp to Compuserve .gif
dither Floyd-Steinberg dither 24-bit Windows .bmp to 8- or 4-bit .bmp
For more information see description/options
The C source files
jfrostc.zip [9K bytes] C source files.
jfroste.zip [26K bytes] Win32 executable files.
jfrost Java source file obfuscator--to make decompiling classes more challenging.
getdir.zip [7K bytes] C source, .rc and makefile.
getdir Microsoft C (32bit) Windows Directory Picker Dialog--using the MS Tree control.
winmain Microsoft C (32bit) Sample calling program for getdir.
dll32.zip [1K bytes] C source and makefile.
dll32 Microsoft C (32bit) Windows DLL skeleton.
The source files
modeless.zip [2K bytes] C source and makefile.
modeless Microsoft C (32bit) Windows modeless dialog application with control subclassing.
The source files
sockme.zip [20K bytes] C source and executable.
sockme Winsock HTTP GET/HEAD/POST example with proxy and password support.
jrogue.zip [70K bytes] Java source for the Rogue Applet
rogue.zip [116K bytes]Executable Rogue game for MSWindows. Crude.
MSWindows Tab Control
tabctl.zip [5K bytes] C source and makefile.
tab A modeless dialog box containing a tab control with several little dialogs in it.
Limited support is available here.
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