Convert gif <-> bmp, and dither 24-bit .bmp to 8 or 4 bits. [19K bytes] C source files. [66K bytes] Win32 executable files.
for three small command-line programs:
bmp2gif -- Convert 8-bit MSWindows .bmp image to Compuserve .gif
Options set a transparent color and add a comment to the .gif
gif2bmp -- Convert Compuserve .gif image to MSWindows .bmp format
Option gets a single image from a multi-image .gif
dither -- Dither a 24-bit MSWindows .bmp image to 8 (or 4) bit .bmp
Options set the colormap to dither to (popular ones supported)
Uses Floyd/Steinberg dither.

The C source is for Microsoft's compilers, but it is very mildly flavored. The small changes needed for generic c-compiler compatablity are described in each file.

The executables are for Windows 95 or NT.

I use these programs to convert a screen-grab to a .gif file (under Win95):

  1. Grab the screen or window (the Print Screen key)
  2. Open pbrush (the free paint program that comes with Windows) and create a blank picture of the desired size.
  3. Use pbrush Edit/Copy to get the picture, and drag it around under the canvas until it is framed nicely.
  4. Paint on the picture, if necessary, and save it as a .bmp image.
  5. In a dos shell, run bmp2gif on the image. Set a transparent color, if desired.


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