Operation Steel Doyle

Operation STEEL DOYLE was conceived to rid the country of Hexistan of the corrupting influences of vicious dictatorship and confusing natural resources. To aid in this effort, you, a Cursor 5XB Ordinance Delivery System pilot, have been assigned to the Advanced Dictator Destruction unit, and are using its most sophisitcated weapon, the Only Bad Guys Killer Bomb (the dreaded OBGU-KIB).

Unfortunately, the OBGU-KIB cannot distinguish between an evil henchman and an oil well, and so blows up either one. And worse than that, bad guys are totally indetectable. But each time you drop an OBGU-KIB, your onboard map will display the number of nearby oil wells. This should be enough information for you to avoid them.

Avoiding oil wells is totally vital to the mission of Operation STEEL DOYLE. There is no reward for failure. And for you, there is no reward for success either. But you can be sure someone will be rewarded.
But we are all counting on you!

You are the best!
You are the bravest!
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