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Hexatron presents:
Improve Your Psychic Powers!

You need Java to use the Psychic Trainer.
Use this simple device to sharpen your psychic ability. Press the green button to start.

Here is how it works. The computer will choose one of the cards. You should then try to pick the same card as the computer. After you have chosen a card, the computer will reveal whether your choice was correct or incorrect. The computer also keeps a running score of your responses.

Try to relax when choosing a card. Concentrating too hard will result in a poor performance, but so will rushed or unthoughtful choices. Wait to get an impression of the card chosen before making your choice.

Chance alone would let you pick a correct card once in every five trials. Your percentage better or worse than chance is shown after each choice.

As you progress, your performance should improve greatly. If you get good enough, the computer shows how likely it would be to achieve your score by chance alone. For example, the chance of picking 8 correct cards in 20 trials is only 1 in 1247.

Note: The card designs used here are taken from the work of Professor J. Rhine. He did a great deal of pioneering work in the investigation of ESP at Duke University in the 1930s.

This exercise is offered for entertainment purposes only. It is completely useless and ineffectual for any other purpose.


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