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Hexatron presents:

Linda's Makeover Magic

LINDA CAROTENUTO--Pet Peeve: a certain fair-weather friend... Enable java for the magic!

Do you recognize Linda? This is her high school yearbook picture. She must look kind of familiar. If you try, I'm sure you can think of her married name. It's just on the tripp of your tongue.

Linda needs a new best friend. She had some kind of falling out with her old best friend. Something about a man. Maybe you heard about it.

Would you like to be Linda's new best friend? You can. And what do best friends do? They help each other.

Linda needs some help with her appearance. You can be a real friend and help her with makeup and hair color. And no wise cracks about plastic surgery, liposuction, or tatoos! Friends don't do that!

If you would like to Save your creation, see How to Save Your Picture.

To use the makeup:

The compact and brush have special soft colors.
The pencil, mascara, and lipstick colors are more intense.
Use the roller to fill an area with color. It is for the background and dress. No wisecracks!

Clear removes all the makeup.
Neat keeps the makeup from slopping over to places it doesn't belong.
Free lets the makeup go anywhere.

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