This is how the game looks. You need Java to play it here.
(game in progress)

For a flipping good time, try beating Iago. It's a two-player game, but you can also play against the computer.


The rules are like the game of Reversi, but played on a hexagonal board:

The two players (white and black) alternately place a piece on an empty cell. When a piece is played, it flips to the player's color all the opponent's pieces in a straight line from the piece played to another piece of the player's color.
For example, playing a black piece at the arrow: .-X-o-X-X-X-X-O-.
flips the pieces with red dots, and results in: .-X-O-O-O-O-O-O-.

Furthermore, a piece may only be played where it can flip some of the opponent's pieces. If there is no such cell, the player loses a turn.

When neither player can move, the game is over. The player with more pieces on the board is the winner.


Start a New Game
Press twice for human-vs-computer, with computer playing white.
Choose Human(2) or Computer(1) Opponent
Mark the cells where you can move
The numbers on the caption show how many pieces of each color are on the board.
The bigger piece on the captions shows whose turn it is.

There are no keyboard controls. Use the mouse. Click click.

The Full Version

The full version of Iago has these enhancements:

The game is distributed as

Because it is written in Java, it works on PCs, Macs, and workstations. If you can play the game on this page, you can run the full version.

Watch this space for ordering instructions.


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