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Hexatron presents:
A Cellular Automaton
You need Java to for this.

This is a demonstration of cellular automata on a hexagonal grid. You can find out about cellular automata by starting at Yahoo/Science/Artificial_Life/Cellular_Automata.

A cell is alive if it is colored red. A live cell is generated by the arrangement of live cells in the six cells around it, and itself (see the rules below).

The board shown wraps around--the top connects to the bottom and the sides are connected too.

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The controls are:

The Thin, Medium, and Thick rules support one glider.
Thin tends to die out rapidly, Medium less rapidly, and Thick generally grows without limit.
Only thin supports the big spinner and puffer.
Thin, medium, and thick all support the small spinner.

Preston and Golay tend to grow without limit.

Preston supports two known gliders.

Golay has no known gliders, but grows wonderfully from three cells in a triangle. Try it.

The Golay and Preston rules are mentioned in the only extensive reference to hexagonal cellular automata:
Modern Cellular Automata Kendall Preston, Jr. and Michael J. B. Duff
Plenum Press, New York, 1984 (ISBN 0-306-41737-5)

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